VT Elf House is a journey in building my wee bit of a house (since I’m a wee bit of a person myself) in a beautiful woodsy spot in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  It will be a place for pondering and creating, for sharing and laughing, for finding peace and healing – all from a labor of love that was a lifetime in the making.

It is also my vision of a community movement – one which I hope will help create a shift in personal and family economies through the sharing, caring, and kindness of friends and neighbors working together to help each other become debt-free.

I’m planning to have fun, learn, watch things change and grow, and simply go with the flow of life’s energy – and I hope you will, too!


  1. Tena Starr says:

    I’m interested in writing about this, but don’t know where your property is or what time this will start. Can you give me details, please?

  2. Scott Poindexter says:

    Cool Wendy this is awesome…make it happen! Scott

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