The Work Has Begun!

This is the beautiful road I will live on – about a mile long – and, as happens in many places, it is split between two towns.  I am lucky to have chosen a place that has NO zoning – it will make it much simpler to build.

My country road

My country road

My first task in getting things going was to mark where I wanted the driveway so that an actual property address could be acquired through the 911 system.  That was a fun day, wondering just what address I would get!  Hopefully, I’ll never need to call 911, but it sure will make it easier for deliveries and telling friends where to find me.

Right-side post to mark driveway

Right-side post to mark driveway

Left-side post to mark driveway

Left-side post for driveway over by tree

The driveway will go in sometime later, but I will be getting a bulldozer up to smooth out the area, as there’s a section of ruts from when the big Cat came through to do the perc test a few years ago, along with a couple of old tree trunks from an earlier logging job near the left-side post that need to come out.  I plan to do a small driveway initially to just have a place to park and get the building materials delivered, but eventually it will be longer. Gauging the length of a driveway is imperative – especially in snow country.  Plowing can be costly if it’s not done personally, which will be the case at least the first year or two.  I’ll be looking for an old beater truck eventually to plow with – or an ATV like my old neighbor had.  I could manage that one!

In the meantime, the building site has finally been chosen (out of 3 possible locations).  Mostly a section of small trees are coming down, but I do have one big 4-tree cluster that needs to be cut, as part of it is dying.  I don’t want anything falling on my house, so I’m keeping it as clear as I can – and also to make the most of the solar gain.  It will be really pretty in time, as there will be wildflowers and lots of whimsy to complete the magical spirit of this land.

Hi ho, hi ho - it's off to clear trees we go!

Hi ho, hi ho – it’s off to clear trees we go!

Clearing the house site

Clearing the house site

As with any project, things take a lot longer than you think – especially when you’re battling rain, heat, and bugs.  And, with more clearing and site work done, as I get closer to a building date, I know I will finally feel the roots being planted under my feet and a deepening in my soul for renewed life.


About Wendy

I'm a wee little creative elf working on my wee little elf house in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
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4 Responses to The Work Has Begun!

  1. Ben Hewitt says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Nice lookin’ piece of land!

    • Wendy says:

      Thanks, Ben. Not nearly as big as your piece – and much more raw (wooded) – but I’m not looking to farm big animals at this stage of life. I am hoping to share it with some friends, though, and do some permaculture and small animal farming in time. I am learning so much in the process – and am thankful that I knew to find land with apple trees, wild berries, and medicinal plants already growing. And water – can’t say enough about finding land with water on it (mine’s bordered by two brooks and has springs on it). I sure wish I’d had Penny’s mind when I bought it (planting berry bushes first) – would have been further along the farming side by now! Eh, live and learn, right? 😉

  2. hk says:

    How many acres do you have to develop?

    • Wendy says:

      I have close to 14 acres altogether – a bit small for around here, given the size of the farms – much of which will be left wild and forested. It is my intent to utilize permaculture and biodynamics in its development, as well as keyline design. But – first things first!

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