Rusted old chassis found vegetating in woods

This week was a big week – the builder and I finally met up to discuss all the pertinent and relative details of when and how the workshop will be done, what my part in preparing for it is (e.g., permitting needs, foundation decisions, do I supply tools/does he), building material options, participant expectations, weather issues, etc.  Then we went on a field trip to see one of his recent projects that is the exact size of what I want to build.

Here’s the thing – you can’t really understand the size of something until you are standing in it.  You can think you know – but physically being in the space is a different story.  I had done a bit of visualizing of the space already when I lived in my last apartment.  My livingroom there was 11 x 22, so I counted out the ceiling tiles to understand approximately what 16 x 20 would look like.  However, it was only one floor.  I would have a second floor on the house, so I couldn’t exactly determine how that would take shape until I looked at it.  Regardless, I knew 16 x 20 would be enough space to live in – especially, if I wanted to live with relatively low overhead (and low debt for the shortest time possible).

Needless to say, the place seemed huge to me!  Of course, those who have kept up with me know that I’ve been living in a somewhat smaller space the last 6+ months, so it was exciting to see what could be a relatively big step up in living quarters.  It is, as I have intimated, NOT a ‘tiny’ house – but a ‘small’ one.  Good for one, possibly two, people to be comfortable in if they want to live conscientiously – and consciously.  My cats will be thrilled, as they will now have stairs in which to run up and down, giving them more room in which to spread their capricious energy.  Oh joy!

For me, it will mean the beginning of another creative period, one which will allow ALL aspects of my being to come into play – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  It will, at long last, allow the ‘whole’ of me to take root, leaving any remnants of fragmentation behind.  Oh my, what an interesting discovery that could be!


About Wendy

I'm a wee little creative elf working on my wee little elf house in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
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