I am continuing to explore the possibility of intentional community with friends and other interested parties.  It’s an interesting concept and one that takes time, communication, and much exploration to discover how best to approach and develop it.

At the workshop I attended, we were provided several models from which they are most developed from.  There are rental options and ownership options, all having pros and cons.  As of this writing, the one I am most drawn to is the non-profit model, since that most closely aligns with my values at this stage of my life, along with the path I’d like the community to take.  As a creative intentional community, it would make the most sense in that my role as the current owner would then be turned into a stewardship role.  It also would provide for longevity, retaining a specific mission from which to operate.  It is the option that was created by the community hosting the workshop.  Much to research in the process yet, so it will be awhile.

In the meantime, I finished reading my friend Ben Hewitt’s recent book ($aved), which spoke much about the outlook that many of us have – or are beginning to have – with regard to community, conscious living, and re-evaluating our concept of money.  It is recommended reading if you are interested in a new level of understanding of what constitutes ‘value’ and ‘wealth’.  It’s his personal journey of discovery, but it has much to teach (as do all his books).

One quote I especially resonated with was from ‘Sacred Economics’ by Charles Eisenstein:

“To give and receive, to owe and be owed, to depend on others and be depended upon – this is being fully alive.  To neither give nor receive, but to pay for everything; to never depend on anyone, but to be financially independent; to not be bound to a community or place, but to be mobile … such is the illusory paradise of the discrete and separate self.”

Another book worth exploring.


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I'm a wee little creative elf working on my wee little elf house in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
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