The Magic of ‘Flow’

Meet 'Caspian'

Meet ‘Caspian’ – my mighty Guardian birch

Majestic Caspian

Majestic Caspian

Writing a blog while prepping land for a build is a huge challenge, as you could probably tell by the long absences between posts these last few weeks.  A lot of running around, work, and coordination goes into a building project – even when it’s simple and small.  Now I know why people hire general contractors – it’s to keep their sanity!  ;-D

I was always pretty good at managing details, but my last 10+ years threw many unexpected challenges my way that chipped away at that part of my brain.  Twelve years ago today, in fact, was the breaking point for me (and many others), and the long, crooked road back has been quite an adventure in living!

The amount of work and moving I did back then finally took its toll, though I’ve recovered significantly.  The last move to my current location was especially challenging, as it was done in winter – in 3 phases – in varying stages of freezing temps, snow, and 40+ mph winds.

I didn’t realize just how challenging it actually was (you never do) until I couldn’t find my camera cord to upload the recent pictures I’d taken.   Having a phone camera is mighty handy – but the picture quality just ain’t the same!  Now, anyone who manages details on a move would know – put all the electronics and cords together.  I thought I had.  I had my computer bag filled with cords, laptops, backup drives, MP3 player and recording device – everything I had in my office – so, naturally, I expected the camera cord to be there.  It wasn’t.  So, I looked everywhere I thought it could be, seeing both the basket and bowl used to hold it (at different times) – but nothing.  Now, normally one could pop out their SD card to pop it into the laptop to – voila – upload pics.  Which I did – several times.  Each time it wanted to format it, so – stalemate.

Ok, I was stuck.  However, the mind kept processing, looking for answers, seeking a solution (as all great computers would), and I knew it was just a matter of time – and asking, believing, and letting go.  Interestingly, as ‘luck’ would have it, within a day or two and through a weird (divine?) set of circumstances, I ‘suddenly’ had to dig out my printer to use (which I hadn’t figured I’d needed) and – lo and behold – there was my camera cord inside.   For those who might wonder or care, my advice here is:  always ask the Universe for help or an answer – you will soon be provided one.  

(Ok, just so you know – that was my long and winded way to say “sorry for the delay in posting!”.)

Back to building.  Managing details on a project that I’m still learning about is much more challenging than if it was something I was familiar with.  Still, some details are similar, especially when it comes to pieces and parts and delivery schedules.  Those are generally standard across industries.  Scheduling around contractors – hmmmmm – that’s a whole ‘nother story!  That’s where schedules often slip and others tend to control the gameboard.  Can be good – often, not so (from stories I’ve read anyway).  Luckily, it’s been a fairly easy schedule to manage, given the reliability of the players involved. 

That is the KEY advice here to anyone who plans to do this kind of project themselves:  get reliable help if you can’t do it yourself.  Ask around your circle, taking note from the most reliable and respected people around you – they know who to contact or use.  It will save you oodles of time and brain power!

Of course, I took a stand years ago (spiritually-speaking) by placing my faith (and intention) on having things flow easily and effortlessly when it’s ‘right’ – thus, allowing me to recognize when things don’t, so as to save myself the anguish of disappointment.  It has made all the difference.  That was the stance I took when I undertook this project, asking for the right guidance and people to come to me.  Knowing your vision and what your spirit calls forth can lead you to find the most amazing, caring, and trusted people.  Invaluable!

As my fellow soul traveler, Lisa Z. ( recently conveyed – when one is stuck or looking for help/answers – it’s so much easier to ask each day “I wonder who wants to help me?” than to stress the details and try to conquer the project ourselves.

This one simple little question, I believe, can open the door to magic for anyone, anywhere, on any project or dream.  Take it from me – the magical flow from asking it has accelerated my plans in such a way as to bring me the gift of my dreams – and help from people far and wide!

Oh, what a wonderful world it is when you live with the magic of ‘flow’!

YAY - the first clearing of the site!

YAY – the first clearing of the site!


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