Prep Week!

I wish I could say I have the ‘gift’ for knowing things ahead of time, but that certainly wouldn’t hold true for most of this project.  However, that being said, the rescheduling of the workshop from its originally planned date seemed to have blessed the project with the most amazing weather pattern I can recall.  Especially given that it’s autumn – in Vermont – a HIGHLY unpredictable time of year!  (For example – as of this writing, we’ve already now had our first wisps of snow – and it’s not even Halloween yet!)

Since the workshop runs only 2 days and because of the size of the building (the largest ‘tiny’ house Peter builds), it was necessary to prepare a lot of materials ahead of time.  Peter, along with my friend John and I, planned to start the Tuesday before the workshop to ensure we got things ready.  Arriving at the site at the same time – around 9:30 – we quickly realized that all three of us had the same rhythm.  Given that we are all ‘air’ signs (astrologically speaking), that made things all the more fun.  Needless to say, things seemed to be lining up to make it a really interesting week!

Ok, so ‘woo-woo’ things aside, many of the pre-workshop preparations involved typical construction tasks:  boards were cut, then lined for fitting and nailing, and occasionally pre-nailed or pre-screwed – all to make the workshop go quickly, smoothly, and logistically on-point.  There would be plenty of hands-on work for all the attendees, no doubt, but the timing had to be flawless in order for the building to go up within a 16-hour workshop!  The only way to pull that off was to prep certain tasks.  It was a lot of hard work, but we all rose to the challenge!

I guess it should have been no surprise then when a little more luck came our way on day 2 – in the form of an early-bird workshop attendee.  A retired business owner, Tom ventured across the state to learn how to build a tiny house – just for fun.  (Something he always wanted to learn, he told us.)  Taking advantage of his retirement and free-flowing schedule, Tom was spending a week in the area.  He had planned to do a little sight-seeing, and stopped by the work site to see how things looked.  Well, naturally – we enlisted him! Thankfully, he was a good sport and jumped in with both feet.  One pair of extra hands went a long way to help us get all the preparations done in time before the big weekend! Thank you, Tom!

My new construction boots

My new construction boots after an hour of work – so much for new!

Getting things set up

Getting things set up

The most important item on a job site - the portable toilet!

The most important item on a job site – the portable toilet!

A pile of fresh boards

A pile of fresh boards

Peter laying out the flooring plan with John

Peter laying out the week’s work plan with John

Peter hauling floor boards

Peter hauling boards

John hauling boards

John hauling boards

The work horses

The work horses

It's a sea of wood piles!

It’s a sea of wood piles!

The 'runway' of pre-screwed plywood to go under floor frame

The ‘runway’ of pre-screwed plywood ready to go underneath the floor frame

One door frame - check!

One door frame – check!

Next up – building the floor frame!



About Wendy

I'm a wee little creative elf working on my wee little elf house in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
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2 Responses to Prep Week!

  1. What a project! I love following your posts about your Tiny House Project. I can’t wait to see the finished result and more and more happy posts about your new life in your Tiny House. I’m SO happy for you. Thanks for sharing your Tiny House Project with me and the world!

    • Wendy says:

      All I can say is that it’s a good thing I didn’t know how hard or how much work there would be beforehand – I might never have done it! It’s been great watching it evolve, and I try to stay grounded throughout the process, remembering that every day it’s worked on is a big WIN, even if it doesn’t seem like much really gets accomplished. It’s simply one more step forward in the process!

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