Did you ever want to help change things, to see things done differently, to be part of a positive movement leading somewhere other than the ‘same old, same old thing’?  To live in a place where everyone has a chance, a little bit better view of life, and where people believe in helping each other, and having little-to-no debt? 

Well, you can – we ALL can – if we take a chance and a step forward to help each other break free!  This is how and where it can begin – right here, right now – with you and me.  Let me explain:

I’m part of a growing number of folks who are seeking to help change things, to be part of a movement toward rebalancing life – and the planet.  Most of us involved either are or want to get off the hamster-wheel of the current mindset and consumer economy – to live and enjoy life without buying into the trap that the so-called leaders, corporations, and advertisers tell us is how we need to live to be ‘happy’.  (Really, debt will make us happy?   Hmmm, how’s that working out for us so far?)

We are changing our lives to live a more simple and conscious lifestyle – and helping our neighbors and community members – by creating a new debt-free economy that seeks to change our world back to one of caring, cooperation, and village-building.  We recognize that everyone has value and worth that cannot always be measured in dollars, so we strive to work with what each person can provide in exchange, utilizing skills and experience that isn’t always as monetarily tangible as some.  Interestingly, it often is better for all involved in the end. 

Call it a ‘return to core values’ movement, if you will – a return to a way of life for all that once seemed to thrive in villages and towns before the great (gold) rush to ‘industrialize’ and monetize everything took hold.  Actually, there are several movements at play where I live, and this is one of them.  You may already be a part of one in your area – I hope you are.

One movement is the tiny/small house movement that helps people to downsize and live a more simple and conscious lifestyle.  One movement is recycling, rebuilding, swapping, or using reclaimed materials to help keep waste to a minimum so we can continue to live on our planet.  Yet another movement is about getting out of the current debt-induced economy through a bartering (or timebanking) system within one’s community, which eventually could grow to work globally by connecting with other timebanks.

So, how does it start and where will it go – and just WHY am I here?

To be a part of and make any real change, it starts with ourselves and our neighbors.  If everyone does that, the effects will organically ripple out from town-to-town, city-to-city, state-to-state, and country-to-country to become a strong and growing movement of changemakers.  It can be done if each of us does our part to extend a helping hand to someone else – family, friend, neighbor – with the intent, integrity, and clarity to ‘pay it forward’.

Like most, I want to see dreams come true for myself and others who, like me, are working toward their dream of a simpler debt-free life and being part of a stronger community that cares for and shares with each other – that works to help change things our leaders and representatives (and rich global families) don’t seem to be able (or want) to do.  To help each other go from merely surviving – to living a little easier – and maybe, just maybe, even thriving a bit someday.

Some of these communities exist out there, but not enough – so let’s change things!  Who can say they never need help or a lift up now and then?  None of us, I believe, and now it’s time to remember how good that feels to give and receive help back on a more regular (and heart-centered) basis.

Call it a crazy idea, but I believe we can help shift the world and shift economies by helping each other become debt-free – one person at a time.

Like it or not, our so-called leaders, large corporations, and ultra rich families are not going to change most of our personal economies.  WE have to do it – so that we can rebuild our lives and have thriving communities once again.

The news from global leaders and financial experts says that to reduce the deficit, we have to grow our economy – through spending – but all that does, really, is keep most of us in perpetual debt.  So, instead of buying into the ads and hype to spend, spend, spend – why not help yourself and/or someone near (and dear) to you instead?  I know it sounds radical, but if you think how good it would feel to have someone help you and how good it feels to help someone else, it isn’t so crazy.  Just think of it as “paying it forward”.

How or why would it work, you might ask?  Well, first there would need to be a decision on who to choose – someone in your life who wants to and would be willing to work at becoming debt-free.  Not everyone is willing, wants to, or sees the need for it – so work with the willing first.  Explain that you are part of a debt-free movement and want to help them become debt-free, too.  Then, with their agreement to not spend unnecessarily and to help someone else, you offer to help in some small (or large) way – such as buy groceries, pay a bill, or repair/build something.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little leg up to help shift a person’s financial state.

I know this from personal experience, as I’m sure you do also.  We have gotten ourselves into an economy that keeps many/most in a state of panic where one extra unexpected bill might get us behind enough that we can’t catch up – or even sink us completely.  This is where just helping someone with something might help shift a person’s economy enough to give them hope – which then can help shift families, communities, and global economies.  It’s a stretch to think something so simple and basic can do it – but I have faith that it can.

Just think how good a community could be if everyone had all their needs met and people cared about and for each other – rather than seeking to have the latest or greatest ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is).  I believe it’s time we shifted to fulfilling “needs” vs. “wants”, so that we can have a better, more healthy, and caring global community.

Please join me in putting smiles back on people’s faces by helping to change lives.  You and all of us will be the better for it.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Mead

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi




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